Growing business from the inside-out. Engage, for Blooms The Chemist.

The Project

A connected and engaged workforce is a happy and productive one. That is why we built Engage, a project that speaks to the core focus of 33Bondi’s work because it is about the confluence of people, brands and technology. Engage has transformed how Blooms The Chemist connect and engage with each other, stimulating business growth.

Blooms The Chemist was stuck in “intranet land”, burdened with a license-cost heavy Sharepoint approach to internal communications. A poor user experience meant the previous platform was not used. The potential growth from connecting a national talent pool of + 1,500 across 100 independently owned pharmacies was lost.

33Bondi engineered an elegant technical solution, full of practical features. Staff are now connected via their own devices, documentation and news are accessible in real-time and repetitive tasks are made easier to perform.

One example is how store owners and managers can now invite staff to Engage via personal phone numbers or personal email addresses, avoiding the burden on IT for a new user identity and the cost related to creating a user license.

Another example is how Engage seamlessly integrates with Blooms The Chemists third-party learning application with passwordless authentication. Now on-brand micro-training is being experienced directly to staff through a central platform, at a time and place of their convenience. It is all part of the cloud architecture of this web-app.

Engage actually goes beyond just these user-friendly features and design. It also provides a powerful management tool that allows stakeholders to author and de-author content, measure user engagement and supports compliance goals around critical training and knowledge development.

The Engage platform is an on-brand platform that supports the cultural and professional requirements of Blooms The Chemist, enabling the organisation to move as a strong, connected internal team. As all leaders know, that is the best step towards business growth.


API Integration, Application Development, Cloud Identity, Cloud Storage, Content Authoring, Passwordless Authentication, Visual Design,

What They say

“Blooms The Chemist places store partners, our people and communities at the core of how we deliver better health outcomes to Australians. Technology is a powerful tool in communication and as a business we must constantly innovate to be effective and competitive, the work from 33Bondi has allowed this to happen,”
Chief Information Officer of Blooms The Chemist, Martin Olds