Leveraging Instagram API to make Influencer marketing accountable and predictive, for IMG ENGAGE.

The Project

The international talent management group (IMG) is the worlds largest and most respected talent agency. They representing the biggest names in show business, sports and now, digital influence.

With Influence marketing becoming a leading platform in brand building, IMG Engage tasked 33Bondi to help them bring a new level of professionalism and accountability to an industry infamous for lots of noise with little transparency.

Through deep collaboration drawing on client intel and 33Bondi technology know-how, we delivered a transformational platform that on the front-end automated the way brands and campaigns can be commissioned. On the back-end we engineered a technology solution using Instagram API’s to geo-source the location of campaign reach that has led to the development of a predictive campaign engine.


API Integration, Application Development, Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Marketing Automation., Visual Design,

What They say

In the past, having a vision of how you can transform your business and realising it has proven very challenging near impossible. Working with 33Bondi has changed all of that for IMG Engage. Working as genuine partners their skills and expertise have time and time again enabled our business to innovate and grow, years ahead of our competitors.

WIll Cate, Director Digital Partnerships, IMG Talent