Bringing creativity and identity to the worlds first official database of music credits, Jaxsta.

The Project

Jaxsta is the perfect example of what insight and tenacious can realise, an entirely new concept required directly as a result of the digital era. Now listed on the ASX and possibly the next Australian unicorn, Jaxsta has identified and now realised how to fix the massive loss of accurate music credits due to the digitisation of music. Amazingly, and through many years of toil,  this startup has created a global database of actual, official, supported data in partnerships with all major music labels Universal, Sony and Warner, and independent publishers.

33Bondi has been with Jaxsta from before their incredible Beta site went live, helping to give shape and form to the message and visual design in the critical very first days of public appearance. 

And we are with Jaxsta now, as the platform continues to gain traction and prepares more feature releases as the brand grows.


Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Research and planning, Visual Design,

What They say

“I can say with hand-on-heart that from the outset, 33Bondi have demonstrated an empathy and capability to understand and present Jaxsta in a way that as a founder and CEO, I had only hoped a partner would be able to deliver. Time and time again they nail it creatively.

CEO and Founder Jaxsta, Jacqui Louez Schoorl