Aligning technology, design and data
to compete at scale

The Project

Sundays Insurance is the leading provider of cyclist and bicycle insurance, and Strava’s official insurance partner. A small and driven organisation, Sundays Insurance utilises technology and data to seek opportunity and improve connection to their customers.

For Sundays Insurance, the opportunity to partner with Strava, offering bicycle insurance and perks to their customers, proved transformational. Partnering with a tier-one online business brought it owns challenges, namely scale, expertise and time. Sundays Insurance contracted 33Bondi to deliver the project in full, design, technology and marketing.

33Bondi started the project delivering the brand, identity and logos with the name Sundays Insurance created as it evokes freedom, performance and the pure pleasure of riding a bicycle. A passionate name, reflecting the modern rider.

The Google Cloud Platform was selected as the Cloud provider, providing 33Bondi with the competitive edge. With rapid development, deployment and data capability, fostering innovation.

The dataset captured from athletes in BigQuery, is extensive and details. Sundays Insurance is able to draw conclusions about our customers, in order for us to develop better products, and market to efficiently market to segments, increasing
conversions and increase marketing ROI.

Read the case study by Google Cloud here.


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What They say

"33Bondi allowed our business to quickly develop and launch innovative insurance products onto the world market. The advanced data platform forms the foundation for insight- driven innovation and marketing.

Theo Grobler, CEO, Sundays Insurance