33BONDI recently launched the Sundays Insurance brand and product sets across three countries, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, with partners, Strava.

33BONDI was commissioned to:

  • Build the brand, identity and logos
  • Design and build the insurance websites, allowing customers to purchase bicycle insurance.
  • Run the sites maintaing feature releases and availability

Sundays was selected as a name and brand because it reflects the passion of the weekend rider, on their bike, perhaps alone or with friends. 33BONDI was heavily influenced by the bicycling culture both within Australia and abroad, and existing premium brands like Rapha and Saturdays. Riders ourselves, we know the critical importance of being one with the bike, and the road.

The photography of Marcus Enno aka Beardy, and our own assets serve to re-enforce the elements and themes invokes performance, knowledge, safely striving.

You can read more about the technical journey here.


    Branding, Design, Engineering, Website Design, Website Development

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