We value intuitive and analytical thinking with the combination of creativity and technology.


We ensure our products and services are formed through collaboration and deep insight across areas of expertise, removing barriers, creating commercial opportunity.


We bring our own digital products and services to market. Some call this drinking your own champagne, we think of it as natural. The client benefit: we know what works (and what doesn’t) and are constantly improving.


Senior partners within 33BONDI own projects, are subject matter experts and contribute directly to getting things done. We enjoy getting into the detail, and know that our experience is instrumental to success.


We develop prototypes and test them early, ensuring improvement and setting the right conditions for success. This allows our clients to see ideas working, and to gain feedback from customers. Good ideas are tested, bad ideas are refined or discarded, minimising investment and risk.


We help you to develop technology-dependent ideas from conception through to on-going revenue-generating operations.


Creativity and technology are inseparable, and how great something looks and makes us feel is the logical sum of both. It’s not happenstance or luck, it’s us and our clients in concert, making things that work.


The ability to adapt and change swiftly is the hallmark of awesome software. We embrace this using frequent innovation cycles within your project’s life to quickly pivot, harnessing every opportunity.


We build engaged audiences, ensuring your platforms are innovative and robust. To us, Run is the continuum post launch, increasing revenue and connection, the exciting part.


Our job isn't over when it’s over. Constantly changing and iterated throughout, data driven analysis yields nuanced insights and new possibilities. The result - ideas that adapt and thrive.


We consist of dedicated teams, aligned to the specialisation of each partner, brought together on a case-by-case basis.

Jim Watts Technology Lead

With deep and extensive experience, Jim Watts specialises in the transformations of ideas into business, through technology, software and data. Having recently worked for both Atlassian and Fairfax Media, Jim brings a significant technical edge to 33BONDI.

Steve Muller Strategy Lead

Steven Muller is a professionally qualified marketer who worked at Unilever and Heineken International for over a decade. With global experience in branding, commercial marketing and digital transformation, he is driven by uncovering insights and championing customer-centric thinking.

Jonas Allen Design Lead

As creative director Jonas Allen brings two decades of experience and a passion for branding and communication to 33BONDI. Having worked with Mambo during its infancy, Jonas has first-hand knowledge of brand development, from those early stages through to maturity. His unique combination of fashion, branding and advertising experience coupled with being a graduate of Industrial Design results in innovative ideas and solutions whatever the stage of development.


We draw on a depth of experience, solving challenges presented by rapid technology-driven changes on a small, large, local or global level.

Engineering Team

The software engineering team (Bondi Engineering) is multi-disciplined and able to build products in common frameworks and languages, across multiple devices.

Bondi Engineering works within an agile culture, utilising continuous delivery. Bondi practices site reliability engineering services (SRE), to ensure uptime and performance of deployed products.

Cloud specialists, with experience in both server and serverless (Lambda, GAE) architectures, Bondi Engineering is able to adapt to meet the expectations of highly scalable and globally distributed requirements.

  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • E-commerce Shopify Migration
  • Virtual CTO
  • DevOps Consulting
  • Cloud Refactoring & Development
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Continuous Development
  • Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Data Capture & Inference

Planning Team

To focus on effective outcomes, we take a planned approach, taking the creative thinking, design manifestation and tech build as inputs that deliver the final goal.

With this goal in mind, we work backwards to identify the fundamental design, business, marketing and cultural brand opportunities and challenges. Using this insight we can drive effective solutions and find new ways of delivery to rise above mediocrity, engage the audience and cut through the ‘noise’. By seeking brand integrity and revealing relevant truths we add value.

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Return On Investment Analysis(ROI)
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Communication Planning and Strategy

Design Team

We offer visual communication and digital design to allow for the user interface to provide great quality and navigation elements to the audience. Ease of use is a fundamental quality and our solutions are based not only on technological know-how but decades of observation, study, experience and finely tuned instincts.

Design has evolved over the last decade from a static print discipline to being a dynamic experience; motion, transitions and customer journeys are part of every communication.

The challenge to the designer is to structure the information visually so a customer only sees what is immediately relevant, as the journey progresses the information is presented when requested.

This is done in a seamless, thoughtful and refreshing way so that the journey may continue.

  • Ideation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital advertising design
  • UX and UI
  • Website Design
  • Application Design
  • Logo and branding

Google cloud platform


33Bondi is steps away from Bondi Beach at 33 Hall St. You are invited to visit us to discuss how your business or brand can achieve better customer connections through design and technology.

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